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You've Arrived at Base Camp 3

Welcome to the summit: where coziness meets ambition!

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Base Camp 3 is exclusively designed for trained death doulas or those currently training, whether in our Base Camp 2 training course or elsewhere.

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Something that deserves to be talked about...

Lauren Queen

Owner & Founder

Built for Death Doulas, by Death Doulas.


Here in this exclusive space, you'll discover a treasure trove of resources customizable just for you – from business development tools to user-friendly tech tutorials. Our handcrafted downloadables, done-for you social media posts and blogs are at your fingertips, empowering you to elevate your skills and shape your success.

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Easy Tech

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Content Vault

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Base Camp 3 is your
one-stop-shop to thrive,

Diving into entrepreneurship at any level can be overwhelming, with ever-changing challenges. Your time is invaluable, and we get it. Base Camp 3 simplifies the death doula entrepreneurial journey, serving as your dedicated resource in the industry.

Working on a Computer

You might be in business for yourself, but with us, you're not in business by yourself.

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Fresh Content, Every Month

Content Vault

Real World Tech

Downloadable Forms

Receive hands-on guidance for building and growing your death doula business. From selecting software to constructing a compelling website and mastering marketing strategies, we're here to help you navigate the digital landscape.

Simplify the administrative side of your business with professionally crafted contracts and essential forms. System checklists, scripts, and more. Save time and ensure clarity in your professional relationships with clients.

Access an extensive library of resources, including customizable social media posts, done-for you blogs, and thought-provoking content. Stay connected with your community and showcase the depth of your expertise effortlessly.


Meet Your Content Strategists &
Business Leaders



Founder of Dear Doula and a death doula on a mission to enhance industry visibility and promote end-of-life planning. With a background in entrepreneurship and IT, she has shaped Dear Doula into a destination for all, providing comprehensive support for death doulas from training to practice.
FUN FACT - Lauren built this website from scratch, as well as and is ready to teach you to build your own website inside base camp 3!


Tracy is the CCO at Dear Doula, infusing the team with her passion for marketing and a wealth of entrepreneurial experience. With a keen understanding of industry dynamics, Tracy elevates Dear Doula's brand, making it a beacon for innovation and support in the realm of death doula services.


Co-owner of Dear Doula, Jessi seamlessly intertwines her role as a death doula with a wealth of experience spanning over a decade in emergency medicine and end-of-life care. Her valuable insights into industry trends and personal experiences enrich the Dear Doula community, shaping it into a haven of compassion and expertise.
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Utilize the Experince of the Dear Doula Team for YOUR Needs.

A few minutes is all it takes to get started! We'll greet you with a welcome walkthrough video to show you around, and you'll have instance access to everything you need.


A Death Doula Business and Marketing Mentoring Solution That Won’t Break the Bank





  • One Usage License

  • Access to the Members-Only Facebook Group

  • Access to All Base Camp 3 Content

  • One Usage License

  • Access to the Members-Only Facebook Group

  • Access to All Base Camp 3 Content


Can I upgrade my monthly membership to annual? If you'd like to switch from monthly to annual, you can do so here. It will automatically prorate the price for you. If you are subscribed at a founding member price, reach out to us to upgrade your account.

Your job is to help people through
their most difficult moments.

Our job is to make your job as
simple as possible.

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Got thoughts, questions, or ideas?

We’re here to listen and help craft your success. Responsive support is just a message away.

Get ready to thrive in a supportive environment where every step forward is celebrated.  Let the adventure begin!

If you've unexpectedly reached Base Camp 3 and are still on your journey to becoming a death doula, explore Base Camps 1 and 2 for essential training, resources and guidance.


  We encourage you to check them out and return back to Base Camp 3 when you're ready!

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